Wax Seal Wedding

I love the look of wax seals especially when it comes to weddings.  I plan to make mine custom by purchasing a “B&W” monogram.  Which plays on Avery and my last names and also plays on how black and white the decision should be for us…It would look amazing worked into a wedding invitation.

I also really like this look on placecards…

It could also be really cool to do homemade soap favors sealed with wax.   I found great instructions on how to wrap soap in paper here.  I also think it would make things even more unique by purchasing personalized ribbon as well.


Inspirational Wall Quote

I would love to see this quote turned into a custom wall decal in white for my bathroom.  I even found two places online that creates them:  Belvedere Designs and The Surface Store.

Swiss Army Pillows

I simply love this look and it would be easy and cheap to create by stopping by the local army surplus store like this one in Seattle and buying old military issued wool blankets.

Industrial Media Center

I really love the weathered, aged and sturdy look of the Industrial Tool Chest Media Center from Restoration Hardware.

The other really good part is that because the cabinet doors are mesh all the equipment can be out of sight, but still usable with the remote!

The Barn House

In Battleground Washington every year there is apparently an amazing flea market of finds that appear to be right up my alley called The Barn House.  I can’t wait to go next year.  They have one in the spring, summer and fall.


I think it looks beautiful as an accessory on a table and really hope to have a large piece on my coffee table.   This site Mermade has some great beach coral.


As soon as I land a permanent full time job in PR I plan to buy and have saved up a down payment.

I really love the enterior of this townhome, but it’s location is not great.

This sweatshop is located right across the street.

This townhome on Delridge  has an  amazing locations, but is a little more traditional and less exciting.