Wedding Rings

Avery and I have this thing where I always tell him I love him times 17 and he tells me he loves me times 13.  Those are our favorite numbers.  I really want to incorporate this into our wedding rings.  I love the look of a band wrapped in diamonds and believe it or not they are generally on the less expensive side for bands (who would have thought).  My favorite so far can be found at the Jewelry Exchange in Renton and has 6 diamonds on each side plus the one in the middle (13 total).  I really want Avery’s to be clean and crisp and am debating on having the Roman Numerals for 17 either engraved on the inside or the outside…and if I should do it once or 17 times (really small of course).


Simple Rock Bowl

I think this is stunningly beautiful and with the right adhesive could be amazingly simple to make.  I also think you could form the rocks around a large glass bowl and use it as a fruit bowl, candy dish, jewelry container, or remote control catch all.

Glass Bottles

They don’t really serve a purpose, but they are beautiful to look at in decor.

Printer Drawer Idea

I grew up hanging around in a print shop owned by one of my dad’s best buddies.  It was an amazing place to play.  I plan to visit when I go back to Wichita next time and talk him out of a few wooden print blocks and a printer drawer to create these masterpieces!

Car Hood Coffee Tables

I absolutely love the look of this concept.  The Weldhouse in Dallas takes old car hoods and welds them into beautiful coffee tables.  They even put the vin number on the underside.  How cool.  And in the scope of artistic coffee tables they are relatively inexpensive at around $800 bucks. 

Burlap Coffee Bags

These burlap coffee bags can be transformed into such beautiful pieces with a little bit of creativity.  It’s also amazing how cheaply you can buy them online.   They go for as little as $1 a piece (you can’t buy any kind of fabric for that).

Here are some creative ideas for how to use them (I personally the the pillows):

Wall Hanging Herb Garden

I love the idea of using shelves of any kind on the back of my townhome for small pots perfect for an herb garden (doesn’t take up much space either).   I also love the look of these hanging plant holders called Boskke .